I went to see Chain about 10 years ago through a recommendation by a friend.  I was afraid and had my reservation before seeing Chain, not knowing what to expect from the reading.

  I was seeking life direction.  I had loads of challenges and felt stagnant in those situations.  During the first reading, Chain revealed all the truths and I’m very thankful for her reading on that day.  Never in my life, I imagine one day, I will meet a Guru giving life guidance and lessons.

  Chain is very transparent and reveals life truths that I’m not aware, no one person in my life guides me, the way Chain is guiding.  She has helped me overcome a lot of trying times and saved my life once.  I owe my life to her and am grateful that she changed my life.  She is the reason I have a chance to have a better life – It is like being reborn again.