Have you ever dreamt that when you were small, that you were going to study hard, get your  degree/s, be successful at your job, have true friends, find your loving and caring husband, marry and have kids and live happily ever after? You were told that that when you were a child , that if you worked really hard, study well, get your academic papers – and you were well on your way to have good jobs.

Well some kids dream differently, sure. So, maybe some would say yes, and some no. To each his/her own. Well, I studied and got my paper qualifications. Worked hard at my work, did better than most – but was just never appreciated. In fact- only jealousy and politics remained.  That has been and still is the main constant in my professional life. You would think that if you’re smart at what you do at work  – you will do well at work, get that promotion, so on and so forth right?

So – all that dreams when I was small  – came to a Big ZERO as an adult. Crushed dreams. ‘Friends’ who betray you. Boyfriends who constantly cheated on you. Colleagues who was only constantly monitoring you and plotting your exit out of the company. Parents that do not understand you and ridicule you. No happiness in the area of personal relationships be it friends or boyfriends, career or family. That’s me.

At the end of the day – what lingered was : BETRAYALS, CHEATS, INSULTS, NO APPRECIATION & NO LOVE.

Imagine  having to constantly go through the cycles of all I mentioned above multiple times in your life, again, again, again and again. So, to say that I’ve contemplated suicide many times is a NORMAL thought for me.

I still do think of these thoughts. However I am improving and still a work in progress.  Me being alive and looking forward to a positive turn in my life chapter is ONLY because of divine intervention from Ms Chain, & the Angels.

THEY kept me alive until now. You might wonder what they have done for me?   EVERYTHING.

As you can see Everything is A LOT.  Let me try to list out Everything below. This include but are not limited to:

  1. The time when people were plotting to get me out of one company and was successful – but I received a compensation from the  company years later. This included being targeted by witchcraft many times over.

  2. The time when a group of people including my boss and the HR head was designing a Domestic Inquiry (DI)  in one company and I went through the DI and came out unscathed and given my job back.

  3. The time when I was without a job three times and had to find a way of sustaining myself.

  4. The time when my boss was cruel to me and tortured me in all of the 6 companies I was in.

  5. The time when the Divine showed me who were my  real ‘friends’

  6. The time when I was cheated by countless number of boyfriends

  7. The time when I was humiliated by my parents ….again …multiple times over

  8. The time the Divine showed me who were my brothers

  9. The times when I was severely ill and they recovered my health quickly

  10. The times when I thought I lost things but found it

  11. The times when I was able to secure jobs after losing the earlier ones

  12. The time when I was targeted by witchcraft by my enemies and my parents

  13. The time when I got into  accidents and things could go down south quickly

  14. The times when I had money to eat when I was hungry…and a roof over my head to rest

  15. The  many, many, many times when I was depressed and wanted to pull the plug

  16. All the time when I wanted a true friend and a sister (whom I have always wanted since I was small as I only have brothers in my family) who truly and genuinely cared for me and my happiness unlike the rest

THEY were there ALL THE TIME.

So, I have to in advance ask for forgiveness from Them if I’ve not listed down all, but I am qualifying that the LIST IS ENDLESS.  It doesn’t stop at number 16.

I have learnt so much after going through all these, but still, I am a student of life. I have learnt that the experiences that I went through were because of my previous lives’ doings that I had to repay.  I’ve also had to bear the sins from my parents too. There were also consequences of mistakes that I did in this life that I had to go through as well.

 Thank you, Chain