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A Psychic Tarot Reader & Spiritual Healer



Welcome to Empress Chain’s website!

I am Chain of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have been practicing Angel Psychic Tarot Readings both at Scotland for years and years and currently in Malaysia now.

I’ve been doing readings for over 29 years and I love being able to assist others in their journey. My psychic readings provide, Angel Readings to communicate with your guides and with my psychic ability to directly call upon Angels, guides and the dearly departed. By providing your name, date of birth and a question, I’m able to channel information and remove any energetic clutter surrounding people and/or situations in your life. I’d be honored to assist in your journey.

My background includes healer and psychic tarot. I use all of what I have learned and experienced through the years to guide my readings, especially in the age of healing and awakening.

I read each person on many levels as their soul and spirit guides dictate. It is most important to address the soul of the person, as that shows the true path the person will take, not necessarily what they say they want.